November’s Featured Add-ons


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Pick of the Month: Blur

by Abine
Secure all of your personal information online—passwords, shopping accounts and more, plus tracking protection.

“It’s almost impossible to keep up with the number of passwords that we must have for various sites. What makes it more difficult, is making sure each password varies. Blur makes this daunting task a thing of the past. It’s so simple to add/save new passwords.”

Featured: Instant Translate

by Twopeople Software
Translate words and phrases in 100+ languages, use text-to-speech, and easily browse your history of previous translations.

“Big + for having a history of translations. Very useful and simple to use.”

Featured: Privacy Badger

by EFF Technologists
Automatically block sneaky spyware in ads and invisible trackers as you navigate the Web.

“This doesn’t block ads but limits/stops unwanted sites tracking your every click. A must have!”

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