TabWalk for Firefox: move between recently active tabs quickly


TabWalk is a new browser extension for the Firefox web browser to switch to recently active tabs quickly with the help of keyboard shortcuts. The extension is developed by Giorgio Maone, best know as the creator of the Firefox extension NoScript.

The Firefox web browser supports several tab navigation options to improve the workflow of users. Firefox users can use Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-8 to switch to one of the first eight tabs, or Ctrl-9 to jump to the very last tab open in the active browser window.

Then there is Alt-Tab to display open tabs as thumbnails in an overlay, and the option to use the mouse to pick tabs from the tabbar using it.

Browser extensions like Tab Mix Plus added new options to navigate between tabs to the web browser.

Firefox does not support options to switch between recently active tabs though. The feature can be useful depending on how you use Firefox, as it may speed up the switching and reduce the number of miss-clicks on top of that.


tabwalk firefox

TabWalk adds two new shortcuts to the Firefox web browser to navigate between recently active browser tabs.

  • Ctrl-Left-Arrow navigates to the previous active tab (back)
  • Ctrl-Right-Arrow navigates to the next active tab (forward).

Any tab that was not active recently is ignored by the extension. TabWalk lets you switch between active tabs only; if you run Firefox with 50 tabs open in a browser window but use only five during a session, then you may use TabWalk to quickly switch between these five tabs using the extension’s keyboard shortcuts.

Note that TabWalk does not work across browser sessions. The extension appears to work only in the first Firefox browser window. The shortcut itself works even if another browser window is active, but it will switch only between active tabs of the first browser window. Also, Firefox won’t make the first browser window activate even when tabs are switched in it using the shortcuts.

Closing Words

TabWalk is a simple extension but it can be quite useful for Firefox users who like a faster option to switch between recently active tabs in the browser.  The extension does not work properly if multiple Firefox windows are open but that is the only issue that I ran into. An option to change the number of recently active tabs might be useful as well as it is missing right now.

Now You: Do you use tab management extensions in your browser?

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