Undo Close Tab is an add-on that displays a clickable list of recently closed tabs in Firefox


Has it ever happened to you that you closed a tab by accident? Maybe because you thought you no longer needed the webpage open or by accident? It may have happened even that you noticed only after some time that you’d need the closed tab again.

We have all been there. Fortunately, Firefox has an undo closed tab option, which you can access by right clicking the tab bar and selecting “Undo Closed Tab” or by using the Ctrl + shift + T keyboard shortcut.

Tip: check out our Firefox Tab Mastery guide for additional tips and information.

Undo Close Tab is an add-on that displays a clickable list of recently closed tabs in Firefox

While you can use the command to restore closed tabs in order of recency, there is one problem with the approach. Let’s say you closed a tab and then closed 5 more. You have to actually open 6 tabs to get to the one you wanted. Wouldn’t it be better to have a list of previously opened tabs?

“Undo Close Tab” might just save your day or at least a few minutes of your day. And yes, before you ask it is called Undo Close Tab, not “Undo Closed Tab”. That’s probably to differentiate itself from the default Firefox tab bar context menu option.

Once installed, the extension adds a button on the toolbar. Click this button to restore a closed tab. Right-click on the button to display the list of recently closed tabs and choose the one that you want to re-open. That’s basically it for the main feature but there are a few options that you can customize in Undo Close Tab’s settings. The add-on displays up to 25 items in the closed tabs menu, you can change it to a a different number depending on your needs.

Undo Close Tab Firefox extension

The extension by default only lists tabs that were closed in the active window. So, if you had 2 windows and closed a tab in the 2nd window, you can only undo the action in that window. Disabling this option might be a good idea if you want a quick way to re-access the tab and you are working with multiple windows regularly. There is also an option to clear the list at any time.

There are 3 additional context menu options that you can enable to access Undo Close Tab from. A sub-menu for the tab bar and another for the page context menu are the first two. What do they do? They enable a drop-down list of closed tabs; just select the one that you wish to restore and click on it.

The “page context” is the main portion of the browser where the content of web pages is displayed.

The third context menu option is a functioning “Undo Close Tab” button in the right-click menu. This one doesn’t have a drop-down menu (list of closed tabs). Personally I found enabling the tab bar and page context menus the best way to use Undo Closed Tab. It’s a lot faster if you don’t have to mouse over the toolbar icon.

Undo Close Tab Firefox extension page context menu

The extension provides a feature I loved in Tab Mix Plus. There used to be an add-on called Undo Close Tab Replacement which was quite similar to Undo Close Tab, but the former is no longer available.

Closing Words

Undo Close Tab is a helper extension for the Firefox web browser to restore any tab closed recently in the browser. If you find yourself closing tabs by accident frequently or wanting to restore tabs closed in other browser windows, you may like the feature.

Now You: do you use any tab-based extensions in Firefox?

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