Using Google Analytics in Extensions


As an add-on developer, you may want to have usage reporting integrated into your add-on. This allows you to understand how your users are using the add-on in real life, which can often lead to important insights and code updates that improve user experience.

The most popular way to do this is to inject the Google Analytics script into your codebase as if it were a web page. However, this is incompatible with our review policies. Injecting remote scripts into privileged code – or even content – is very dangerous and it’s not allowed. Fortunately, there are ways to send reports to Google Analytics without resorting to remote script injection, and they are very easy to implement.

I created a branch of one of my add-ons to serve as a demo. The add-on is a WebExtension that injects a content script into some AMO pages to add links that are useful to admins and reviewers. The diff for the branch shouldn’t take much time to read and understand. It mostly comes down to this XHR:

let request = new XMLHttpRequest();
let message =
  "v=1&tid=" + GA_TRACKING_ID + "&cid= " + GA_CLIENT_ID + "&aip=1" +
  "&ds=add-on&t=event&ec=AAA&ea=" + aType;"POST", "", true);

In my demo I do everything from the content script code. For add-ons with a more complex structure, you should set up a background script that does the reporting and have content scripts send messages to it if needed.

I set up my reporting so the hits are sent as events. You can read about reporting types and all the different parameters in the Google Analytics developer docs.

Thanks to the real-time tracking feature I could see that my implementation was working right away:


That’s it! With just a few lines of code you can set up Google Analytics for your add-on safely, in a way that meets our review guidelines.

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