Vov Music Player is a minimalistic music player for Windows


Most music players have lots of options that you can use to customize the playback quality, interface, and other aspects of the player and playback. Players like AIMP, Musicbee or even classic Winamp have a lot to offer; but if you’re looking for a minimalistic experience, Vov Music Player may be worth a closer look.

Vov Music Player is a freeware music player for Windows. The interface opens in proximity of the system tray area.

Vov Music Player interface

The program asks you to choose the music directory when you run it the first time. When you select the folder, the program begins playing the first track in the directory. You’ll see an action center notification that tells you which song is currently playing but it disappears after a few seconds. Once you have added the folder, you can move the interface anywhere you want to.

Vov Music Player is a minimalistic music player for Windows

You can close Vov Music Player’s window which minimizes it to the system tray so that playback continues in the background. When you exit the application and reopen it, Vov Music Player plays the track which was loaded previously.

Use the slider at the top left to control the volume, and the one to its right to jump to a specific time position of the track. There are six buttons that you can use to control the playback: Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, Forward, and Next. The other 2 options on the interface may be used to add a song to the favorites, or to select the source directory.

Note: The program takes tracks in sub-folders into account.

Right-click on the tray icon to access the player’s menu. You’ll find that it contains all options from the GUI, but there are some extras here. There’s a shuffle option to mix things up.

Vov music player context menu

The Current File menu can be used to open the track’s folder location, or to copy it to the clipboard. The List menu displays all files in the current folder, and you can double-click on a track to play it. The menu also has your play history and songs that you have added to favorites. Vox Music Player saves its settings in a Settings.INI file in the ProgramData folder, so you can edit it with any text editor. Songs that you mark as favorite are saved to a text file named Favorites.Txt.

Vov music player source list

Note: Though the Sound engine menu has options to switch between Mplayer and Bass, the former doesn’t appear to work. It throws out an error that says “cannot determine the device type from the given filename extension.” The only fix for this is to restart the music player. This isn’t a major issue because the “Bass” audio engine works fine.

You can disable notifications, and I recommend you do it if you keep the music player near the system tray, as it overlaps the interface albeit for just a couple of seconds when a track is changed.

Tese are the audio formats supported by the program: FLAC, MP3, WAV, OGG, MP2, MP1, OGG, WMA and AIFF.

Vox Music Player is nowhere close to programs like Foobar or Musicbee, but if all you want is to play music from a folder without adding them to a playlist or tinker with some settings, it’s a good program. It could really use an option to select the Previous track, and maybe a portable version.

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