Wave Editor is a free and user-friendly audio editing program for Windows

Editing audio files quickly can be a challenge for many users. If you’re looking for a user-friendly option for some basic functions, like trimming an audio track or increasing the volume, Wave Editor may be what you need especially if you find Audacity too complex.

Wave Editor is a free and user-friendly audio editing program for Windows

The interface of the program looks a bit dated but is easy to adapt to. Use the file menu to load a track, and you’ll see two waveforms on the screen visualizing the flow of the audio. This is the timeline with the time displayed at the top, and the decibels on the side (in an X-axis and Y-axis pattern). The Zoom tools on the toolbar can be handy to zoom out or in to view the graph better for precision editing.

The Status bar on the bottom displays the audio bit rate, channel, cursor position (time), amplitude (in decibels) and the selected audio’s duration. The colors of the background, scales and wave data can be customized from the settings.

Selecting an audio range

Selecting a portion of the audio in Wave Editor is as simple as clicking on the timeline and dragging the cursor to the point you want to. The cursor position serves as the time-stamp, and it is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Or, you can place the cursor at the “begin and end points” of your choice, and use the selection panel in the bottom left corner to pick the points (in seconds, milliseconds).

Hit the play button and the selected portion will be played. The levels bar on the bottom displays the volume level as the track is played. You can adjust the volume of the playback using the slider available at the far end of the cursor/levels.


After selecting the section of the audio that is to be edited, right-click in the Wave Editor interface to cut, copy, paste or delete the selection. You can optionally add some effects to the audio from the Operations menu or the toolbar. Available options include Fade In, Fade Out, Insert Silence, Normalization, Reverse and Invert. These options are available on the toolbar for quick access.

Wave Editor options

You can amplify the volume of the track, or decrease the volume level if required. Hit the Save or Save as button to save the output file. The program only supports saving the audio in two formats, MP3 and WAV. So, this pretty much limits it to basic editing, which it handles just fine. Input formats that are supported in Wave Editor include MP3, WAV, WMA.

Wave Editor has a text ad which is a link for their shareware product, Wave Cut. You can ignore that. The Tools menu is slightly more annoying, as every tool listed here are optional standalone premium products from the company, except for ID3 Tag Editor which is freeware (but you’ll still need to download it separately).

If you’re looking for a user-friendly video editor, might I recommend SimpleVideoCutter.

I used Wave Editor for editing short music tracks to make cool ringtones and notification sounds. But it can be good if you want to edit out gaps, create some looping tracks, and more.

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